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DosBox Packages for Mac and Linux...

Added bynweaver2's avatarnweaver2

Many of the games are already packaged with DosBox and a Windows installer. For those packaged this way, there should also be a Linux Dosbox configuration and a OS-X boxer package. This way, users don't need to use a Virtual machine to download & install on Linux & Mac, and this addresses the common "no mac version/no linux version" complaint as many packages (eg Syndicate) run great under DosBox.

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DosBox is pretty lightweight and I prefer my mac games to be all in a single launchable bundle with a high rez icon. I think it would be great if they could mac "mac" versions of everything that runs great in DosBox with perhaps some GOG app to tweak settings per app.

Jul. 7, 2013
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I think the best solution would be to simply add the "raw" zipped DOS games, without any emulator or anything, and let the users use their own if they want to. Of course, this is to be provided in parallel with the "usual" installers.

Dec. 22, 2012
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This one is pretty obvious. The majority of the Dosbox games works just fine in Linux if you run the native Dosbox with the bundled config files, sometime with a minimum of tweaking (switching from D3D to OpenGL for example).

Dec. 13, 2012