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Convert Steam games to GoG games.

Added byDaminshi's avatarDaminshi

I've really had the misfortune of buying so many games on Steam, that now a lot of my gaming life is unfortunately tied to there service. I had a falling out and I don't like to deal with them anymore, but I can't do anything about it. I would like to get the games on GoG that I already own on Steam, which isn't way too many games thankfully, but not have to rebuy so many of them a second time. I may have a solution though. If a player can prove that they have a legitimate Steam account, via how GoG\CDProjekt used to identify my legitimate copy of the Steam based Witcher 2, and either make the games free to the user or slash prices on legitimate accounts in order to cope with the cost of maintenance\bandwidth. It would either be this or try to pirate\have some copy protection free cracks on many of my single player games that I want to burn through

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Heck, I'd be happy if they'd just convert older Steam games to DRM free and place them here for regular purchase. I've limited my Steam collection to only about 10 games over the years, but I'd gladly pay a fair price again to have those same games available to me DRM-free. As I won't go through the risks/hassles/moral dilemmas associated with pirating or cracking games, GOG remains my only hope for this solution.

In any case, this is more of a decision for publishers to make, but GOG could certainly at least present the idea to them. Who knows? The publishers may even concede, at least as far as their older titles are concerned. They've already gotten about as much money as they are likely to get from those older games at this point, so it would be a way to finally get some dollars from us anti-Steam hold-outs.

Sep. 15, 2013
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Sorry, but no pity for steam users. Why have you ever supported that tyranny? Steam and other DRM-Protections destroyed for me nearly the whole game branche. Thanks to god we have gog and cd-project!

Dec. 14, 2012
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No profit to with that. But anyway you get "+".

May. 6, 2012