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Cloud gaming

Added byTman1508's avatarTman1508

Instead of downloading and installing the game on your PC why not just play games on the cloud like This would also solve the problem for games that would normaly not work on linux. You just create a program that works on al operation systems and al the games really run on the cloud and not on the host system.

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this is wrong on so many levels...

-imagine your favorite games buffering like a youtube video and having a native lag of anywhere between 0,1 and 2 seconds from sending each keyboard command to receiving the video. and thats minimum and only if everything works perfectly.
-the HUGE server/net resources gog would have to provide additionally
-old games dont need the best hardware
-very few different games possible since diversity needs more hardware/net
-there are always lost packets and lags. what that causes when sending keyboard/mouse commands on one side and receiving video/audio from the other should be obvious
-video quality from modern cloud gaming providers is a joke compared to the usual resolutions you use on modern pcs
-no/bad internet means no game
-cloud gaming is not not drm free, its not even buying. its just renting with hard limitations and only as long as the provider exists and doesnt lower its quality which he can anytime he likes. Onlive even limits their game time to 3 years starting with release.

Sep. 3, 2013
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Having a streaming program that works with all operating systems is not a bad idea, however I think that putting linux compatibility on games would be a better idea. Besides, cloud gaming services are not drm free, which is what games on gog are supposed to be.

Jul. 22, 2013