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The Magic Candle

Added bymfischer1's avatarmfischer1

In the game, players must assemble a group of six adventurers and journey across the kingdom of Deruvia to keep the demon Dreax imprisoned in the eponymous magic candle, which has begun to melt. The game's world includes several towns and cities, two castles, and several dungeons and towers. Unlike many video games, one wins not by defeating a final enemy, but by collecting the necessary items and learning the necessary chants in order to preserve the magic candle. Players begin with one adventurer, a human hero called Lukas. Additional adventurers can be found in the game's two castles. Much of The Magic Candle's fun derives from discovering exactly what is needed to preserve the eponymous candle.

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Would love to see the Magic Candle games on GOG!

Sep. 13, 2013
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One of my all-time favorite rpgs. I'm sure the interface and gameplay would aggravate at times today, but I'd buy it on day 1 ... just the warm and fuzzies I get thinking about how fun this was to play back in the, I still remember the first time I saw the animation of my guys crossing a rope bridge !! Almost fell out of my chair, what !!!

This game oozes charm, lots to explore, splitting your party up, getting jobs to earn money...a classic, imho.

Aug. 14, 2013
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Jan. 1, 2013