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What is's Fair Price Package?
Gamers who are paying in euros and AUD are generally charged more for the games that they buy than gamers in the US. That's not fair, and believes that charging the same price worldwide for all customers makes more sense. Unfortunately, we can't just lower our prices on the preorder to be lower than everyone else in those countries, due to legal reasons. So instead, we've come up with a solution that lets us charge a fair price to everyone while avoiding giving the legal team here at a heart attack.
We're always trying to get the best value for money to our users, so to compensate them for the price difference, we offer bonus codes for a total of roughly $16 for EU customers, or roughly $20 for customers from Australia or New Zealand.
Or, to be more specific, one $9.99 and one $5.99 code, or two $9.99 codes, respectively.

So will be accepting other currencies, besides the US dollar?
No, we will charge you in US dollars for the equivalent of the appropriate GBP, euro or AUD price.

What happens with the Fair Price Package codes if I gift The Witcher 2?
If you purchase The Witcher 2 as a gift for someone, you will get the appropriate amount of Fair Price Package codes sent to your e-mail address. You can, of course, forward the codes to the gift recipient later on.

Is The Witcher 2 really completely DRM free? It's a brand-new game!
Yes. We will never sell our customers games with DRM and is the one and only place to get The Witcher 2 without any form of DRM.

What languages is The Witcher 2 localized in?
The Witcher 2 Digital Premium Edition on contains full localization in English, French and German, plus cinematic and text localization in Italian and Spanish.
You can also download and install Polish subtitles here

Is there any censorship in your release?
The Witcher 2 is uncensored, however the Australian version has been edited slightly. Due to licencing concerns the edited version will also be distributed to customers from New Zealand.

How can I patch my game?
Simply go to your My Account section and look for "The Witcher 2 autopatcher". Download, extract, launch it and follow the on-screen instructions. Patching has never been simpler!

Can I import save games from The Witcher 1? If so, how?
You can import saves from the prequel, but of course this isn't mandatory. To make sure the save games get imported properly, have the original Witcher game installed on your computer - The Witcher 2 will locate it and import the saves automatically.

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