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Online play in Neverwinter Nights Diamond

To play Neverwinter Nights online, you will require a unique CD key. Please contact us through this support form and select "multiplayer key request" in the "I have a problem with:" drop-down menu. We will send you the CD key along with additional instructions.

Changing the CD key will result in the premium modules (like Kingmaker) not working anymore, because they will use the default key for validation. To get around this, go to your My Account page and find the "premium modules re-installer", under the game's additional content. Download this file and install it. The modules will now be adapted to the new CD keys.

Please note that Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 master servers are no longer functional. You should use the Direct Connect option to log onto your preferred server via IP address.

The current list of active servers can be found here:

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