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READ FIRST (MAC OS X): Common troubleshooting steps
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If you are using OS X 10.11, try first disabling the System Integrity Protection
Restart the computer, while booting hold down Command-R to boot into recovery mode.
Once booted, navigate to the "Utilities > Terminal" in the top menu bar.
Enter csrutil disable in the terminal window and hit the return key.
Restart the machine and System Integrity Protection will now be disabled.

Before submitting a Support ticket, please perform these tasks:

1) Double-check that your Mac meets the game's system requirements.
The requirements can be found on your game's Catalog page and you can look up your Mac's specifications by going to Applications -> System Profile -> Hardware.

2) Download and install the latest updates for your Mac:
System Preferences -> Software Update -> Check Now.

3) Make sure that Accessibility options are enabled (the installer would have prompted you to do so, but please check it):
System Preferences -> Accessibility -> [check] Enable access for assistive devices.

4) Copy the game from the DMG file to the Applications folder again - in case it got corrupted. If that doesn't help, check if the game works when you launch it directly from the DMG file (just double-click instead of dragging the game to the Applications folder).

5) Finally, create a new user account, restart your Mac and log onto that new account. Now, try installing and playing the game. This will allow you to launch the game without most third-party applications that may have caused issues.
To create a new account, go to System Preferences - Users & Groups.

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