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Summer Hidden Gems: Sanitarium 60% off

As our catalog gets bigger and better every week, it’s easy to lose track of some of the awesome games that we have to offer. We’ve been running one day “Gaming Gem” promos for a while now to highlight some classic titles that don’t get the love of some of our best-known blockbusters like Baldur’s Gate or Duke Nukem 3D. To celebrate summer, for the next two weeks until July 25th, we’re going to run a Gaming Gem promo every day, so you can rediscover these lesser-known classics! Grab that plastic toy shovel and dig out gem after gem over the next 18 days. We think every game we’re going to be offering on our Summer Gem Extravaganza will be an excellent title, and we hope you give them all a try.

How does the conceived nick strain? The fun stare embeds the design. The digital digest joins the spit past the executive negative!

What’s that, you say? We’re sounding a bit crazy? You’re probably right. Either that, or we’re writing a description for a game about being crazy. It’s anyone’s guess what’s happening. Wifflebats!

Actually, we’re taking our one-day promos to the next level.

Our very first promo is for the unparallelled Sanitarium. A frightening look into the mind of madness, you find yourself continually wondering, as you make your way through the five worlds that your insanity takes you to: is this encounter real, or only the product of a fevered imagination? You are a recent victim of a car crash, and one who has complete amnesia. You awaken in an insane asylum, and immediately you must fend for yourself in a world gone mad—unless it’s you who’s gone mad, and the world is just a reflection of that.

With a gripping, haunting story and a graphics engine that has stood the test of time (the graphics look rather like the Infinity Engine games), Sanitarium is one of those games that grabs hold of you and just doesn’t let go. Give it a try on for just $3.99. This offer expires tomorrow, when we’ll have another hidden gaming classic on sale, so check back in to see what game we’re offering then for your hassle dashes inveigle marpuk snozznozzle.


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