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September, 2012
  • gc_filtr_spinerrecently

Release: Urban Chaos

The city needs YOU to enforce the law!

Urban Chaos, a dynamic adventure-brawler with an elaborate combat system and great replayability, is now available on for only $5.99.

Damn those Wildcats! That gang has been the bane of Union City for years, but now the gangbangers are more powerful than ever. They will stop at nothing in their attempts to seize control of the city, even if it burns to the ground in the process. Word on the streets is that their leader has been dealing with things no sane man should even consider. Dark things, which may be corrupting the city from the inside out. But there's a saying we had in the UNPD Academy: a good blow to the head puts all demons to bed.

Urban Chaos delivers solid fighting sequences in a varied, dynamic environment of a rioting city and wraps them up in an original storyline. You take control over two characters: a female law enforcement officer D'arci Stern or an ex-soldier vigilante Roper McIntyre, each of them with a unique fighting style. The 24 non-linear stages can be completed in various ways ranging from car chases, through shootouts, to hand-to-hand brawls. A day-night cycle, changing weather conditions, and random encounters will make every playthrough a unique experience!

Grab a baseball bat and enforce some law over the raging Urban Chaos, for only $5.99!

In other news: we'd like to announce that as of today, the time of our regular releases has been moved to 10:00AM GMT. That means you get to enjoy them one hour earlier in the day!

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