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Release: Teslagrad

Spark to a flame.

Teslagrad, a steampunkish side-scrolling adventure with electrifying mechanics, great audio, and charming visuals, is available 20% off on

Teslagrad presents you with an intriguing story that will capture both your imagination, and your heart. In this non-linear puzzle platformer, you'll be utilizing the powers of magnetism and electricity to unlock the many secrets of the abandoned Tesla Tower. With over 100 beautiful hand-drawn environments and rich and immersive--yet voiceless--storytelling, this competent title has every chance to become one of the shining gems of its somewhat crowded genre. The creators went out of their way, to create an experience that will draw you in and keep you invested in the adventure. No loading screens, no GUI, just the mesmerizing soundtrack, the intriguing puzzles, the colorful gameworld, and you.

Ready to bring a whole new spark of electricity to your gaming life? Get Teslagrad, for only $7.99 on The 20% release discount offer lasts until Friday, December 20, at 2:59PM GMT.

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