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Release: Reus

Little worlds need their gods, too!

Reus, an imaginative 2D god-game that makes you a deity of a small planet and a master to its elemental titans, is available 10% off on That's only $8.99 for the first week!

Do you like to play god? Admit it--you do. Who doesn't. The absolute power that god-games give is ever so tempting and satisfying. The ability to shape the face of the world, and by extent the fates of its little inhabitants is simply intoxicating. Oh wait, did I say "little"? Well, to themselves they probably look quite regular in size. It's all a matter of perspective--every world seems tiny when you're an boundless being of limitless power. In this case, however, the planet is indeed quite small. The people living on its surface look even tinier in comparison to the elemental titans, huge beings that serve as your worldly avatars. Huge, again, is only a word that applies here conditionally. Even the giant beasts seem puny if they do your every bidding and fit on your computer screen. On your lap or your desk. In your room. At your home. In your town. In your country. In the world, also a small planet that's but a tiny blue dot floating in the endless blackness of the Universe. Perspective.

Reus puts a whole world in your hands. The planet you're destined to watch over is a complex world full of dependencies and synergies, making every act you perform cause a great impact on the gameworld and its inhabitants. You directly control the actions of giant elementals roaming its surface--may they be creative or destructive. You can raise or lower mountains, move bodies of water, cause forests to grow or die. Yours is the ultimate power. The only thing you can't affect directly are the actions of the tiny humans, possessing their own free will. Will they fear you as the bane of their land, or worship you as their divine benefactor? It's all up to you. With intriguing and diverse gameplay, lots of correlations to discover, and many challenges to complete, Reus will entertain you for a long, long time.

With unbelievable cosmic power Reus allows you to play god for only $8.99 on The offer lasts until Thursday, May 23, at 4:59PM GMT.

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