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September, 2012
  • gc_filtr_spinerrecently

Release: Prince of Persia

The adventure begins anew!

Prince of Persia the 2008 beautifully re-envisioned installment of one of the most prominent action/platformer series with gorgeous visuals and an a fascinating storyline, is now available on for only $9.99.

Yet again we find the young Prince chasing after Farah... Oh, wait. This isn't Farah that we remember! The Prince looks entirely different as well. And this girl, Elika? What's her story? She looks intriguing - not your typical damsel in distress. Quite the opposite, actually. She's the damsel putting the Prince in distress. Not a problem! The Prince is ready to take on any trouble head on with his deadly Daggertail, while stopping time with the magic of the Sands. What? That's gone too? Then how is he gonna whoop his enemies' behinds? Oh... I see. That's amazing swordplay, indeed. No need for gadgets and gimmicks when you have that good old sword. Alright then, Prince. As the unwitting incompetent narrator of this story I'm now convinced that you'll do just fine. Even though you're up against an angry, destructive deity this time. Oh, you didn't know about THAT? Well, don't worry, carry on with your adventure.

In 2008 Prince of Persia served as a reboot to the iconic action-adventure series, originally created by the gaming industry visionary Jordan Mechner. The game features a new storyline, brings in a fresh batch of characters and enemies, offers some original gameplay mechanics, and--once again--re-designs combat sequences. It's back to the original one-on-one sword duels, but this time the enemies are often larger, stronger and more dangerous. Luckily the Prince has the mysterious (and frankly: quite cute) Elika on his side, to support him with her magical powers. All of this, presented in highly stylized cel-shaded graphics that makes the game a real feast for the eyes.

Feel the sun-scorched desert sands under your feet as you race towards a whole new breathtaking adventure in Prince of Persia, for only $9.99!

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