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September, 2012
  • gc_filtr_spinerrecently

Release: Inquisitor

So heinous are the crimes of witches that they even exceed the sins and the fall of the bad Angels; and if this is true as to their guilt, how should it not also be true of their punishments in hell? -- "Hammer of the Witches", Henricus Institoris, Anno Domini 1486

Inquisitor, the dark medieval story of witchcraft prosecution that looks and feels like a product of the golden age of PC RPGs, is now available on for only $14.99.

The world stands on the brink of collapse, and you, a member of the Holy Inquisition and a witch hunter, are the only force that can protect the faith, fight the heresy, and solve the conflict fueled by hellish forces. As one of three main characters you will delve into the gloomy world full of atrocious crimes and powerful enemies, and try to unravel the monstrous conspiracy that threatens the Realm. Soon, the burning funeral pyres will light your way and the screams of tortured heretics will let your enemies know that the fearless Inquisitor is here to investigate, judge, and punish.

Inquisitor, a game that's been developed and polished over the course of 10 years, tosses you into a large, open gameworld and a non-linear gameplay, which contains over 1,5 million words in its dialogs, side texts and descriptions. This story-driven action RPG will present you with hundreds of quests, items, spells, robust player statistics, and skill sets. You'll be following a gritty, mature, and captivating story that dares to go deep into one of the darkest chapters in the history of humankind. All this, and more, packed in the form of an RPG true to the isometric roots of classic PC gaming.

Unleash God's wrath on the heads of the heinous heretics as the Inquisitor, for only $14.99!

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