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September, 2012
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Release: Gangsters: Organized Crime

One of these days we're gonna get organizized.

Gangsters: Organized Crime, a multi-layered strategy game that puts you in charge of a small family business (a.k.a. crime syndicate) in a prohibition-era Chicago-like city, is now available on for only $5.99.

Dear judge Michaels! I'm writing to you in hope to clear some common misconceptions about myself, my family, and the business we run. We take pride in our little Pizzeria and we won't have anyone badmouthing us. There's simply no reason anyone should believe that we sell liquor. My grandma is a god-fearing woman, see? She wouldn't have that. Someone must have mislead our dear law enforcement. Must have been the Firnellis. It's just like them to try and frame honest folk for their own shenanigans. And while I'm on the topic of Firnellis, I was devastated just as everyone else when the young Antonio Firnelli was found in that alley. Why would anyone suggest that it was one of my boys that stabbed the poor fella? I knew him since he was a bambino! He was like family. And speaking of family: your grandson is having such a great time in our lakeside cabin, that I thought we should let him be our guest for a little while longer. I know you'll be passing a ruling in the case of my nephew Roberto (who was visiting his aunt at the time of that terrible shooting, by the way) on Friday. So let's say we keep your kid entertained till Saturday. Fresh air is good for kids. We can even take him fishing. Or not. It's entirely up to you.
Donatello "Don" Casandrino

Gangsters: Organized Crime lets you manage all aspects of a mob "family business". Set in a vast city presented in detailed isometric view and populated with over 5,000 individual characters, it features real-time action mixed with careful planning. Did you think that being a Don is easy? Now you can see first-hand how complicated a life of crime might get!

Become an "honest businessman" and put the concrete shoes on your competitors' feet in Gangsters: Organized Crime, for only $5.99!

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