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September, 2012
  • gc_filtr_spinerrecently

Release: Deponia

Sometimes, true love just falls from the sky!

Deponia, a gorgeous adventure game that feels like a cartoon based on works of Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams, is now available on for only $14.99 until Thursday, September 13 at 10:59 AM GMT.

Rufus would have been a nice guy, really. That is, if he wasn't such a self-important, all-knowing jerk. But hey! Living your whole life in the middle of a junkyard can do that to you. Why does he live in a junkyard, you might ask. Well, it's not like he had much choice. The whole surface of the planet Deponia is covered with a thick layer of trash. That's why our ambitious protagonist always dreamed of getting into one of the upper spheres, where the privileged part of Deponia's population leads a life full of luxurious bliss, probably even unaware of the garbage piles below. But everything is about to change, as a girl named Goal suddenly falls from the cities above with a warning of impending doom.

Deponia is a top-notch point-and-click adventure game from the makers of The Whispered World. It combines the classic adventure game controls with beautiful cartoony graphics and heaps of brilliant humor. The garbage-filled planet Deponia, with all of its gadgets and gizmos, is one of the most captivating, original settings ever to be featured in a video game. With hundreds of challenging puzzles, tons of witty and skillfully enacted dialogs, and amazing cinematic cut-scenes, Deponia is a game that every adventure fan should experience.

Join Rufus and Goal on their voyage through the mystifyingly beautiful garbage-filled landscapes of Deponia, for only $14.99 in the release week!

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