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April, 2011
  • gc_filtr_spinerrecently

New release: Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard

Not so long ago we released a bunch of classic RPGs set in the Dungeons & Dragons world of Forgotten Realms. Today the spotlight falls upon a younger, but extremely popular setting - Eberron.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard offers an interesting blend of genres. As the story progresses you will travel on the surface of Eberron and through the underground realm of Khyber. Here's where the genres get divided.
On the surface, Dragonshard is a real-time strategy with base building, amassing armies and everything else you would expect from an RTS game. Among the available unit types there are champions, lumbering Juggernauts, captains and regular soldiers. Only the captains can follow your chosen champion underground.
In Khyber, the realm beneath Eberron's surface, Dragonshard becomes a party-based dungeon crawler with role-playing elements, as befits a game bearing the Dungeons & Dragons name. Although it doesn't use the D&D ruleset, you'll have no doubt that you're playing a solid RPG.
Overall, a superbly designed game in an acclaimed setting, with an interesting story split into two campaigns that will keep you occupied for days. That's the Atari game that made you go to the underworld.

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