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New release: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

With today's release of probably the best installment of the famous fantasy strategy game series, we complete the Age of Wonders trilogy on

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic is the final and arguably best part of the Age of Wonders trilogy. It is believed that it was originally designed as an expansion pack, but has matured into a complete, stand-alone game. The most notable improvement, when compared to Age of Wonders 2, is the addition of a random map generator, which gives it infinite replayability after you beat its great single-player campaign. Other new features include deities, three new races and a couple of new gameplay mechanics which make the game that much more fun and challenging. There's also a lot of fan-made content, quite often very impressive. Overall, it's a rock-solid turn-based strategy game and if you like Master of Magic or Heroes of Might & Magic, you must give it a try. You won't be disappointed and may end up with a new addiction.

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