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Interplay Summer Staycation package 2

Dear staycationists, we’re pleased to present you the next set of tour packages from our ‘Interplay Summer Staycations’ offer. Our offering is known for loads of fun and really low prices, and that’s not just marketing bla bla, but it has been approved by the Staycationist's Union of Perpetually Excited Raconteurs*! In honor of our endorsement by S.U.P.E.R, we're using an excessive amount of exclamation marks in this newspost!

Today’s “Staycation Packages” highlight some of the weirdest yet hella entertaining destinations. We’re starting with an offer for spelunkers who feel comfy while stuck in a dark cave. If you’re not sure if that’s your thing, but would like to find out, don’t risk your life and money! Try the Descent series, available at in two packs Descent 1+2 and Descent 3 + Expansion! Why is it weird? Because you fly a space ship through cramped and dark “space mines”, fighting deranged (and occasionally kleptomaniac) mining robots! Why is it awesome? Mostly because it features the revolutionary—for 1995—six-degrees-of-freedom technology and pulse-pounding action! Now you can see for yourself if you're ready to take on Peacock Springs for just $2.99! Also for the ultimate Descent experience, check out our mod spotlight.

For less extreme holidays some of you might choose going fishing. Sun is shining, the water is shimmering, birds are quietly singing in the background, you’re sitting with the fishing rod and a box of worms. Actually, that sounds pretty boring. Who'd make a game of that? Fishing might not be a great topic for a game, but the earthworms you use for bait sound like a more interesting proposition. Our next staycation offer includes the world’s most famous one: Earthworm Jim in two versions - classic side-scroller in Earthworm Jim 1+2 and in three dimensions in Earthworm Jim 3D. Why is it weird? You control an earthworm in a space suit who goes on a quest to save his beloved Princess What’s-Her-Name! Why is it awesome? Because you control an earthworm in a space suit who goes on a quest to save his beloved Princess What’s-Her-Name - what else can be more awesome than that?!? All three games bring you unmatched platforming experience, great soundtrack and quirky humour. And it’s all for $2.99 each!

We’re finishing this highlight of our summer staycation offers, with one of the most original and fun destinations you can dream about. Sure you could go to Bahamas, lay all day on the beach, sip drinks and get a sunburn, but that’s so mainstream (and you know how expensive those drinks with umbrellas are?). If you’re looking for something extraordinary, try out Sacrifice for only $2.99! Why is it weird? It's a first person RTS where you power your armies fo war with the souls your fallen enemies. Why is it awesome? Where to start with: it’s the 3D real-time strategy game before the 3D real-time strategy games ever existed, it’s David’s Perry favourite Shiny game, features great graphics even by today’s standards and some really innovative gameplay solutions. If you want to know more about the game and its development process straight from David Perry, check out Evan Shamoon retrospective.

All of Interplay’s games remain 50% off from now until the 4th of July, and we’ll be writing up more “Staycation Packages” for your reading pleasure as the days trip by. This is the biggest promo on our Interplay catalog yet, so now’s the time to pick up any games on your wishlist and settle in to enjoy a nice long summer staycation.

*actually we just made that up, so don’t try to google it.

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