Gaming Greats 50% off this weekend

This week we’re resuming our weekend sales on great games with our “Gaming Greats” sale!
This time we’ve got for you three different franchises from three different genres, so we’re sure that everyone will find something to buy this weekend, all for 50% off! Starting with one of the epic franchises we’re really proud to bring to GOG, Little Big Adventure (or Relentless Twinsen’s Adventure, if you live in the States), and its sequel Little Big Adventure 2 (a.k.a. Twinsen’s Oddysey). Both are a real must-have for any adventure game fans and now you can enjoy the whole saga in full EFIGS with Windows 7 compatibility.
Next in line is one of the best RTS franchises of all time. Empire Earth: Gold Edition, and both of its sequels, Empire Earth 2: Gold Edition, and Empire Earth 3. Control your chosen nation through hundreds of thousands of years, either rushing forward with your research to be the first one to get gunpowder, or by using some more sophisticated measures to diplomatically outsmart your opponents to victory!
Last--but not least--is a franchise which revolutionized modern first person shooters. ArmA: Cold War Assault (first published as Operation Flashpoint by Codemasters) was the first FPS to introduce battles on such a big scale, with full fledged armies (controlled by a sophisticated AI system) clashing on a huge battlefield. ArmA Gold Edition lets you be one of the foot soldiers in an enormous war machine, or just sit a mile away and snipe them one after another, but be sure to take into account the wind, the ballistics of a bullet, and that HUMVEE that’s coming your... what?! Gotta run!
The promo starts now until *pant, pant* on Monday, January 23rd at 11:59 a.m. EDT All the games on sale are 50% until then, so be sure to grab the games in time!