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Wizardry 101 - Career Advice for Aspiring Magicians

GOGmix by Doubleflores's avatarDoubleflores 2votes

Master of Magic

Doubleflores's rating:

Doubleflores says: If there's one thing that makes being a wizard so great, is that you get the chance to boss around others. Master of Magic allows you to indulge in your magical megalomania by putting you in charge over your very own wizardocracy (it's like a dictatorship


Arx Fatalis

Doubleflores's rating:

Doubleflores says: Of course, in addition to the ability to wear lovely robes and not be questioned by others for your fashion sense, magic also allows you to wave your hands around more than an ADD raver and not get harassed for it. Arx Fatalis capitalises on this urge to


Legend of Grimrock

Doubleflores's rating:

Doubleflores says: Magic in games often suffers from the dreaded Silverman design ("When you push a button, something awesome has to happen!"). Where's the magic systems that make you FEEL like a wizard i.e. having spent your entire life committing to memory funny words in



Doubleflores's rating:

Doubleflores says: It's all very well bossing around minions in Master of Magic, but what about summoning them like those cool kid necromancers and warlocks, who stay up late reading pirated copies of the Necronomicon and who won't eat their broccoli? In addition to a compl


Simon the Sorcerer

Doubleflores's rating: not rated yet

Doubleflores says: Finally, on a more down to earth if lighter tone, is this classic point and click adventure game which shows that - even in a land of magic and fantasy - real life problems still have a tendency to raise their ugly, if hilarious, head. Similar to the firs


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