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Visioneers Tested Games

GOGmix by wraith808's avatarwraith808 1vote

Interstate '76 Arsenal, The

wraith808's rating:

wraith808 says: The Activision Visioneers was a concept used by Activision that was a bit between closed beta and employed testers. I-76 was the first game that I tested, and I think that the quality of the game shows how good a concept this was.

Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Ody...

wraith808's rating:

wraith808 says: In the Visioneers, devoted gamers were helped to test and were given access to internal resources/employees. The level of direction that they gave in what was needed helped in testing a port like LBA2 and making sure it made it to US markets intact.

Dark Reign + Expansion

wraith808's rating:

wraith808 says: It's amazing how testing can help your attachment to a game! I never liked RTS before Dark Reign. But something funny happened during testing- I fell in love with the concepts introduced in DR to make it different from C&C and improve the genre.

Dark Reign 2

wraith808's rating:

wraith808 says: In between DR & DR2, Battlezone was also tested. I hope it makes it to GoG as that was a better RTS, but until then DR2 will do. While not as good as DR2 as they were trying to follow C&C instead of improving DR, it was still underrated.

Call to Power 2

wraith808's rating:

wraith808 says: The last game I tested (after Heavy Gear- another I hope GoG gets) CtP2 has a lot in common with HG- it was the spiritual successor of a franchise, and it was a lot better than the alternatives for continuing that franchise.

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