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Ultima Diabolic Unit Combat Beginnings Pack

GOGmix by RichieRichardson's avatarRichieRichardson 2votes

Star Control 1+2

RichieRichardson's rating:

RichieRichardson says: Without having to build the galaxy, everybody is able to get a little asteroids action for their star wars adrenaline addiction. Take on alien races, and tell them in their own words to eat alien excrement or you will send them to where the sun does not s


RichieRichardson's rating: not rated yet

RichieRichardson says: Control the people, and dictate armageddon. Lemmings that start low and go high. They are not supposed to die everyone else is.....DEAD!!! Civilization was it's prodigy! And, they will rule your world until it does not matter ever again, popularity.

Pharaoh + Cleopatra

RichieRichardson's rating: not rated yet

RichieRichardson says: Kids wanted to be kids when they were playing games as young men, now they still want the game to be easy enough for a kid. Who is Sid Meier's kidding, you need a calculator for a brain just to get through the turn. This is the all-time great Pharaoh

Colonization, Sid Meier's

RichieRichardson's rating: not rated yet

RichieRichardson says: Classic naval and trade game that changed the face of Sid Meier's games forever by developing individual units on a new level. The precursor to the recently released Sid Meier's Civilization 4: Colonization. This game is international waters only!!!

Mob Rule

RichieRichardson's rating: not rated yet

RichieRichardson says: Nobody ever said colds cuts where good to eat, these mobsters need to cut it before they can hit the heat. This is fast action syndicated unit capture the flag tactics to a sim city grid where we all know the rule. Knife, gun, then you get the white suit.

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