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True Gaming Delights

GOGmix by HadesScorn's avatarHadesScorn 4votes

Baldur's Gate 2 Complete

HadesScorn's rating:

HadesScorn says: +Expansive world, where every screen has a purpose. No wasted space. +Well written dialogue, tons of it, *good voice acting. +The most moddable game of all time. -Dated graphics -Black and white morality (save kitten or drown bag of puppies)

Castles 1+2

HadesScorn's rating:

HadesScorn says: +Addictive gameplay, but simple mechanics. Best combination. +Build a castle and watch it slaughter your enemies. +True moral choices -Very dated graphics. -Some choices appear to pay off at random -Suffers from "bigger is better"

Heroes of Might and Magic® 3: Complete

HadesScorn's rating:

HadesScorn says: +THE definitive game in the series. +Expansive, each campaign progressing from low power to near G-D status without taking away the challenge of the opponents. +Beautiful painted artwork keeps the game still playable

King's Bounty: The Legend

HadesScorn's rating:

HadesScorn says: +Excellent reboot of the series +Provides right amount of character choice +Battles are absolutely enjoyable -Steep learning curve, player must find through trial and error what works for them -Beaten in almost every category by Armored Princess.

Master of Orion 1+2

HadesScorn's rating:

HadesScorn says: MOO2 is the second best 4X of all time. Want to play on G-D Mode? Pick the following traits: Lithovore, Industry +2, Creative. Take whatever faults you need - they will not matter by the time you found your first colony.

Might and Magic® 6-pack: Limited Edi...

HadesScorn's rating:

HadesScorn says: MM6 - While not a *true* CRPG, one of the best action RPGs to ever be made. This game cries out to be remade for a modern system, or even a handheld. For now, put up with the blocky sprites and slay dragons with your blasters.

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri™ Planeta...

HadesScorn's rating:

HadesScorn says: The ultimate 4X game. So many ways to play this game. The ticking clock actually works in this unlike the Civ series, as the planet itself starts trying to destroy you towards the end. Prevents the end-game from being a steamroller.

Tyrian 2000

HadesScorn's rating:

HadesScorn says: Free, graphics still look great, and an excellent time waster. The only complaint is that towards the end of the game you will find yourself with 400K+ credits and nothing to spend them on.

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