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Top 5 Adventurer's Pack 1

GOGmix by Greygore's avatarGreygore 11votes

Broken Sword: Director's Cut + The Or...

Greygore's rating:

Greygore says: From the great minds at Revolution comes a story of intrigue that spans the globe, as George Stobbart and Nicole Collard team up in order to uncover an ancient conspiracy.

Longest Journey, The

Greygore's rating: not rated yet

Greygore says: When April Ryan, a simple art student, starts experiencing strange dreamlike happenings all around her, she learns that her world (one of advanced technology) is in danger of merging with a parallel one, where magic has evolved instead.


Greygore's rating: not rated yet

Greygore says: Play as Kate Walker, as she's thrust into a steampunk world of automatons, while in search for the long-lost owner of a toy factory. Her journey will make her question her lifestyle and, eventually, her beliefs as she travels further across Europe.

Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time,...

Greygore's rating: not rated yet

Greygore says: Sequel to one of the pioneering 3D adventure games of it's time, Buried in Time has you, as Temporal Agent 5 - Gage Blackwood, trying to clear your name across several locales through time, such as ancient Mayan temples and the Middle Ages.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Greygore's rating: not rated yet

Greygore says: The game casts you as the titular character, Gabriel Knight, a book store owner that gets gradually more involved in a series of killings in the New Orleans area.

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