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The Point and Click Hell Mix!!!

GOGmix by MagnaCarta80's avatarMagnaCarta80 1vote

Broken Sword: Director's Cut + The Or...

MagnaCarta80's rating: not rated yet

MagnaCarta80 says: one day in 1997 early July I think, I went to best buy and was poking around the Playstation games when one games cover caught my eye. Broken Sword : The Shadow of the templars for the sony playstation (I didnt own a pc at the time.)

Broken Sword 2: Remastered + The Orig...

MagnaCarta80's rating: not rated yet

MagnaCarta80 says: Like the original Broken Sword I played this game first on the Sony Playstation. It's charm in that it changed little and still kept me entertained was a feat unto itself. The story for this one wasnt quite as good as the original.

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

MagnaCarta80's rating: not rated yet

MagnaCarta80 says: Probably THE best FMV game ever. and that's saying a lot in comparison to Phantasmagoria and Tex Murphy


MagnaCarta80's rating: not rated yet

MagnaCarta80 says: If Broken Sword was the King, and Gabriel Knight second in command I'd say Phantasmagoria would be the Prime Minister of Point and Click gaming.

Empire Earth: Gold Edition

MagnaCarta80's rating: not rated yet

MagnaCarta80 says: Im not much for the Civilation series. But This game made history fun by allowing me to push through the ages of history and fight my way through them. Granted...if Ages of Empires where on GoG...... this one might not be in this slot (Hint hint)

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