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The Murderer, the Journalist and the Psychic

GOGmix by Snowstone's avatarSnowstone 1vote

Beyond Good & Evil™

Snowstone's rating:

Snowstone says: Simply great adventure. While it may look "cartoony" it touches some more serious subjects and some conspiracy theories. While the ending is indeed satisfying it does leave some loose ends, which hopefully will get solved in a future sequel.


Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)

Snowstone's rating:

Snowstone says: Graphical adventure, interactive film, is difficult to define this game, except it's a fantastic one. You might get disappointed in the last part, particularly as you reach it's end. But it's the journey that counts, not the destination ;)



Snowstone's rating:

Snowstone says: Tim Schafer, Double fine, 'nuff'said! It's a must play.


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