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The Most Creative Games You've ever Played

GOGmix by lotr-sam0711's avatarlotr-sam0711 41votes

Beyond Good and Evil™

lotr-sam0711's rating:

lotr-sam0711 says: From the distinct art style, the surprisingly well developed narrative and world of anthropomorphic animals, Beyond Good and Evil oozes with tons of fantastic ideas that make it an engrossing and thoughtful political thriller.


lotr-sam0711's rating:

lotr-sam0711 says: A wall to wall, unadulterated bullet fest can be nothing more than mindless fun, right? WRONG! From some of the most zany animated enemies to the mind bogglingly bizarre level designs, no other game is quite like MDK.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto

lotr-sam0711's rating:

lotr-sam0711 says: Part 3PS, part RTS, part 3D Rampage, this game has a crazy amount of ideas. Thrown in the crazy character designs and quirky sense of humor and this is one of the most ridiculous and memorable games ever made.


lotr-sam0711's rating:

lotr-sam0711 says: This game lets you cast a spell called "Bovine Intervention" which calls down a cow from on high to inflict damage upon your enemy. And that's just one of many crazy happenings in the strange blend of RTS and RPG that make up Sacrifice.


lotr-sam0711's rating:

lotr-sam0711 says: A Tim Schafer game about a summer camp for psychics. Need I say more? Really? Okay, you've got insane, illogical platforming levels that twist the rules of space combined with a camp-full of some of the most memorable characters you'll ever meet.

Earthworm Jim 1 + 2: The Whole Can 'O...

lotr-sam0711's rating: not rated yet

lotr-sam0711 says: Who in their right minds would make a game where the hero is an earthworm? The crazy, sun addled brains of the folks at Shiny, that's who. Seriously, if you want creative, just play all their classics.

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