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The Games CSLFiero loves

GOGmix by CSLFiero's avatarCSLFiero 1vote

Descent 1+2

CSLFiero's rating:

CSLFiero says: The graphically powerful release that brought the flight-stick wonks out of sims and into combat. Not everyone could physically play Descent, and even fewer were good. Some games are a challenge to beat, but few are a challenge to play.

Descent 3 + Mercenary

CSLFiero's rating:

CSLFiero says: When my friends witness me playing Descent 3, they don't see me playing a game, they see me operating a spacecraft. While it would have been nice to have people to play with, no game ever made me feel skilled for overcoming it's intimidation factor.

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition

CSLFiero's rating:

CSLFiero says: Regenerating health? Two weapons? I come from an era where shooting games meant medkits, gibs, and no reload button. The fun came from the stress of constantly being a stimpak away from death or salvation. One more room, Duke. One. More. ROOOM! *POW*

Warlords Battlecry 3

CSLFiero's rating:

CSLFiero says: The graphics never were there, not in WBC1, 2, or 3. But with 16 races, how they managed to squeeze that much individuality into each team was incredible. Great RTS elements show Spellforce the strategy it could have been.

Spellforce Platinum

CSLFiero's rating:

CSLFiero says: A great looking game that sought, like Warlords Battlecry before it, to merge RTS to RPG. While it's RTS aspects fell short, it's RPG aspects were fairly strong for a game not intended to be D&D, Fallout, or Elder Scrolls. WBC, take note.

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