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The Full Tex Murphy Collection

GOGmix by frootloop's avatarfrootloop 10votes

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets + Martian Me...

frootloop's rating: not rated yet

frootloop says: The first two titles in the Tex Murphy saga! Mean Streets was one of the early pioneers of VGA 256 colour graphics and utilised a method of playing sampled sound through the PC speakers. Martian Memorandum started the cinemaesque feel of the series.


Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon

frootloop's rating: not rated yet

frootloop says: Still a classic. The fist in the series to use digitised movie clips as part of teh gameplay.


Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive

frootloop's rating: not rated yet

frootloop says: The pinnacle of the series in my opionion. Just the riht mix of pacing, exploration and humour and mystery.


Tex Murphy: Overseer

frootloop's rating: not rated yet

frootloop says: A remake of Mean Streets. Started life commisioned by Intel as part of a DVD bundling promotion. A good game in its own right, play this if the original Mean Streets is too retro for you!


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