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The Best Open World RPGs

GOGmix by Dajjer's avatarDajjer 3votes

Might and Magic® 6-pack: Limited Edi...

Dajjer's rating:

Dajjer says: Actually the game to play is Might & Magic 6, the other 5 games might be too throw back for most. MM6 has an addictive playability and a soundtrack that will last the ages. You can go anywhere in this game also, but you shouldn't if you want to live.

Might and Magic® 7: For Blood and Ho...

Dajjer's rating:

Dajjer says: A finer tuned version of Might and Magic 6. One great thing they added was that you eventually get a castle and you have to fix it up. Also a mini game was added that was initially supposed to be released by itself. MM7 players for the win.

Might and Magic® 8: Day of the Destr...

Dajjer's rating:

Dajjer says: Once again addictive game play in an open world. BTW, in MM6,7,8 you can gain the ability to fly. Makes for fantastic gameplay. Even though MM8 was not as imaginative as 6&7, it is still a great game to play


Dajjer's rating:

Dajjer says: There's a clunky interface that has a major learning curve. It's not unusual for players to give up. But if you stick with it, you'll end up playing an open world game that'll amaze you with it depth. Minus the bad interface and this game is number1

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