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Strategy classics with near endless replay value

GOGmix by kilguril's avatarkilguril 3votes

Dungeon Keeper Gold™

kilguril's rating:

kilguril says: Probably one of my all time favorites. Dungeon Keeper is full of atmosphere in such way it is still appealing when compared to modern games. The visuals are great, the gameplay is engaging and the campaign is lengthy and challenging.

Caesar 3

kilguril's rating:

kilguril says: Being a die hard sim fan, I was in love with the Caesar series and spin-offs. It's a great city building sim which in my opinion focuses mainly on the micro and not the macro like the SimCity series (which is also superb!). Lot's of fun to be had!

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

kilguril's rating:

kilguril says: AoW is a hybrid between Civilization and Heroes of Might & Magic, taking the best qualities of each and combining them into an excellent Strategy/RPG mix which is far underrated and not very well known.

Stronghold HD

kilguril's rating:

kilguril says: Stronghold is an extremely fun game when it comes to simulating castle sieges, with large amount of ready made maps and solid map editor. My only gripe with Stronghold is the Strategic castle building mode which feels bland and uninspiring.

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