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Strategy at it's finest

GOGmix by Tiberius_Wolf's avatarTiberius_Wolf 1vote

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri™ Planeta...

Tiberius_Wolf's rating:

Tiberius_Wolf says: My Favorite Game of ALL time. In depth and complex strategy with the ability to customize units. awe inspiring gameplay. Philosophy and high minded hard Sci-Fi run deeply through out giving the game a life few other games come close to having.


Master of Orion 1+2

Tiberius_Wolf's rating:

Tiberius_Wolf says: Similar to Alpha Centauri Masters of Orion, particularly the second Gives us some high Sci-Fi elements. It lacks much of the philosophy of centauri The technology shown is more akin to Roddenberry, then Arthur C. Clark. A great game worthy of play.


Total Annihilation: Commander Pack

Tiberius_Wolf's rating:

Tiberius_Wolf says: Released in the same year as Star Craft, Total Annihilation takes a very different path then it's more popular peer. The scale of the story is bigger. the scale of the battles are bigger. Battles between hundred's are not uncommon, and they satisfy.


Heroes of Might and Magic® 3: Complete

Tiberius_Wolf's rating:

Tiberius_Wolf says: The best of the series. High Fantasy and in depth strategy, with a large variety of unit types among a varied assortment of factions. Quicker to learn them many Strategy games, but it still has a depth that opens it up to diverse strategies.


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