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Space.....The Final Frontier

GOGmix by Ruben12's avatarRuben12 3votes

Independence War Deluxe

Ruben12's rating:

Ruben12 says: Epic blend of space sim, and sci-fi adventures. I've barely scratched the surface so far, and I'm finding this game one of the finest in space sims I've ever played. Listen to David Helpling's music, and it'll just draw you into a trance for this.

Freespace 2

Ruben12's rating:

Ruben12 says: HOLY COW!!!!! 90s style action at its PEAK!!! WOW, I just finished this game tonight, and I can't believe it felt like I just watched the whole Star Wars, Star Trek, and all the space Sci-Fi movies rolled up into one! This was incredible!

Descent: Freespace Battle Pack

Ruben12's rating: not rated yet

Ruben12 says: The prologue is more like it, I've just started this game, seems to live up to its successor, will be screaming epicness soon as I get more into this lol.

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos

Ruben12's rating: not rated yet

Ruben12 says: Old friend of mine, I played this back in my early days of highschool with nothing but a windows xp and a 16mb graphics card. This game brought me into an epic open universe where I was let out of the darkness and into the light of the stars.

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