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Space Combat Gems

GOGmix by Veloxi's avatarVeloxi 6votes

Freespace 2

Veloxi's rating:

Veloxi says: Freespace 2 is the pinnacle of the genre, with an amazing story, blistering combat and the best HUD in any game of its kind. The graphics are amazing, even now, and the combat is second to none in a game like this.

Descent: Freespace Battle Pack

Veloxi's rating:

Veloxi says: Freespace got the ball rolling on Volition's dominance of the space combat sim genre. Taking elements of games before it, like Wing Commander and X-Wing, Freespace refined these elements and made its own mark on the genre.

Independence War Deluxe

Veloxi's rating:

Veloxi says: Independence War has some of the best Newtownian physics-based combat you will find, with an engaging storyline. Unlike a fighter that you fly usually in games like this, I-War gives you a small cruiser to command, with multiple stations to manage.

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos

Veloxi's rating:

Veloxi says: Being more open than its predecessor, I-War 2 nevertheless is an amazing game and one of the best games of its type, assuming you overcome the very puzzle-like nature of its missions.

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