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some good old nostalgic and classic games

GOGmix by com0676's avatarcom0676 2votes

Dark Reign + Expansion

com0676's rating: not rated yet

com0676 says: In the early days of RTS underrated games like dark reign existed. Set in a sci fi universe with a civil war between to factions across a galaxy. Sure seems like a typical RTS but there are many interesting features to use when commanding your forces.

Total Annihilation: Commander Pack

com0676's rating: not rated yet

com0676 says: A true jewel of the RTS genre, practically unmatched. The core beginning of games such as Supreme Commander and the soon to be brought to the fray Planetary Annihilation. Its simply a must have for any Real Time Strategy gamer.

Dungeon Keeper Gold™

com0676's rating: not rated yet

com0676 says: A very old but enjoyable game. Some prefer this to its sequel but each have their own redeeming qualities. The voice acting and story is brilliant, due to this many quotes will be memorable from playing this game. ie 'You need a bigger hatchery' :(

Dungeon Keeper™ 2

com0676's rating: not rated yet

com0676 says: Sequel of the original dungeon keeper the story is shorter but more entertaining with its array of cutscenes and dialogue. The greater number of mechanics and room options and variety of creatures will give you many hours of enjoyment.

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