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Some fantastic rare hand crafted games

GOGmix by EnglishTheif's avatarEnglishTheif 1vote

Arx Fatalis

EnglishTheif's rating:

EnglishTheif says: Very unique game, very cool story with lots of different outcomes to missions. The control scheme takes about 30 minutes to get used to, and the combat is very basic. But an excellent game, well worth the $5.99

Giants: Citizen Kabuto

EnglishTheif's rating:

EnglishTheif says: A fantastic game, with colourful characters, exciting missions, beautiful graphics. And just a plain whole lot of fun! A real bargin for $5.99

Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death

EnglishTheif's rating:

EnglishTheif says: UhOh! Dont let the kiddies in the room while you are playing this violent noir fps. Folling the story of everybodys favourite Judge,you are on the Hunt for Judge DEATH.A real scumbag, who wants to kill everyone in MegaCity! pleanty fast paced action!

Painkiller Black Edition

EnglishTheif's rating:

EnglishTheif says: Now this game is fucking cool, blast demons with your chaos shotgun, fuck whores with your doom cock and basically raise a little bit of heck.

Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga

EnglishTheif's rating:

EnglishTheif says: THIS GAME IS A PIECE OF SHIT DO NOT PLAY WHATEVER YOU DO!!! (This was written on opposite day :s)

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

EnglishTheif's rating: not rated yet

EnglishTheif says: cum shit cum

Treat your GOGmix as your child - name it! ;)

Coming up with a cool and descriptive title should be your first priority. Being original is in your best interest - bet you wanna get lots of nice votes, right? Go all crazy if you want, but be sure to keep it civil!

So, what are the ingredients?

Pick a game that belongs in your GOGmix from the list, or find it by typing something in the text field. Relevance is key here - Earthworm Jim doesn't quite fit the "Sexiest heroines of all time" bill now, does it?

Justify your choice... Or not!

OK, so it's not required, but now that you went through the trouble of adding a game, telling everyone why you did it would be a nice finishing touch. After you're done here, add another game, rinse, repeat.

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