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Shhh... Strategic Stealth Games To Die For

GOGmix by byrongrenades's avatarbyrongrenades 6votes

Thief™ 2: The Metal Age

byrongrenades's rating:

byrongrenades says: This FPP stealth gem gives you a light and sound gauge to help you sneak your way to victory. With limited resources, and an optional non-lethal difficulty, this game brings you through a richly contrasted medieval world of magic vs industry.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell®

byrongrenades's rating:

byrongrenades says: Wall climb a narrow passage, wait for an enemy to pass underneath you and snap his neck. Or fire a stun round into a puddle your enemy is standing in to electrocute him. So... many... options. Superior in its innovation to its excellent sequels.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

byrongrenades's rating:

byrongrenades says: So sneaky. Walk in and out in front of everybody. Plant remote explosives. Top your target's takeout with a touch of terminal. Hell, why not get somebody else to deliver it for you. Or just pull out those double ballers and make a day of it.

Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945

byrongrenades's rating:

byrongrenades says: Lots of crawling prone in the open, planning, patience, and preparing traps. Still a strategically satsfying stealth game. Stay invisible using distance. Take your enemies out in the right order to stay hidden. Snipe a Panzer tank to clear the way!

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