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Role Playing Heaven!

GOGmix by nythauk's avatarnythauk 1vote

Betrayal at Krondor Pack

nythauk's rating:

nythauk says: Betrayal at Krondor, (BaK), was one of the earliest RPG titles and held a head-of-the-class position for many months while other games of the genre attempted to duplicate its style and visuals. I replayed this recently & found it's still great fun!

Baldur's Gate 2 Complete

nythauk's rating:

nythauk says: BG was made way back in the dim, dark ages of computers when players were dedicated to a single title and playing all night was the norm. Those who remember BG recall a time when games were still struggling with improving graphics. BG succeeded!


nythauk's rating: not rated yet

nythauk says: D&D at its best! Dungeon crawls were the rage and Stonekeep was among the very best. Fast paced, graphically pleasing, and so much fun a weekend would fly by, this title kept us at the screen until our hands ached and our eyes bled!

Combat Chess

nythauk's rating: not rated yet

nythauk says: A chess game that combined violent action, strategy, and great visuals all a package that kept you thrilled and thinking. Each piece plays differently and every pawn taken is a duel to the death! Tournaments played-winner crowned...loser beheaded.

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