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Perfect Nostalgia Action Pack

GOGmix by Galacticus's avatarGalacticus 2votes

Interstate '76 Arsenal, The

Galacticus's rating:

Galacticus says: This game is by far the reason why I was originally interested in GOG when the first press release came out. I adored this game as a young child and without a doubt could recommend it to anyone for any gaming reason. SO GOOD!

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

Galacticus's rating:

Galacticus says: Let me put it this way, I've never played a game like Shogo since it came out. It's features human sized robots, sword gameplay, mech action, and has a quirky style that fits perfectly.

Kingpin: Life of Crime

Galacticus's rating:

Galacticus says: I remember reading a PC Gamer article showing off how amazing the graphics of Kingpin were and the example used was a fire lit inside a trash can! This game is rough, vulgar, and one of a kind. It's a classy way.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Galacticus's rating:

Galacticus says: The first video game EVER to use shaders and it's beautiful. It's not well known, but this game started the modern graphic revolution. Really weird british humor + naked chick + huge monster + jetpacks = wins.

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