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Overrated and just BAD games (my opinion).

GOGmix by valgaav's avatarvalgaav 6votes

Die By The Sword + Limb For Limb

valgaav's rating:

valgaav says: One of the most irritating and non functional combat systems ever, a dull story and ultimately boring (when you stop laughing). The only good thing about this piece of software is the voice of Michael York appearing in the tutorial - that's it.

Far Cry®

valgaav's rating:

valgaav says: The lack of variety in the gameplay is probably the biggest failure in the game. You will have fun for two or three hours, but then it will become more boring every minute. It's just a very, very mediocre FPS. Plus - an illusion of an open world.

Two Worlds

valgaav's rating:

valgaav says: Seriously - Game of the Year 2007? Who? When? How? Controlling your avatar is just irritating, the combat is boring, the plot is badly written, and the character development is a disaster. I tried to give it a chance - more than once.

Unreal 2: The Awakening SE

valgaav's rating:

valgaav says: The legend says, that it's primary sin was not being a worthy continuation of the first Unreal. The legend is a lie. Nothing worth of attention. Bad weapon design, boring (very SLOW) gameplay, and an overwhelming lack of atmosphere.

Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

valgaav's rating:

valgaav says: Criticized in it's time as one of the most unplayable rts/rpg on the market. Time did not change it. However, it is possible to find something interesting in this product (greek mithology, maybe?), but it's a task for the most hard-bitten people.

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