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Not your typical RTS

GOGmix by Archonsod's avatarArchonsod 1vote

Celtic Kings: Rage of War

Archonsod's rating:

Archonsod says: Successor to the excellent Tzar : Burden of the Crown. What makes it stand out is it's focus on logistics; food must be sent around the map to supply your forces, and gold is generated by villages rather than harvesting.

Empire Earth: Gold Edition

Archonsod's rating:

Archonsod says: Empire Earth combines the scale of Civilisation with RTS style gameplay. Customisable nations which "level up" during the game and a sci-fi future era of stompy robots and space ships make it stand out from Age of Empires and similar style games.

Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition

Archonsod's rating:

Archonsod says: The sequel simplified things somewhat. Gone are the customisable nations, but in comes set territories you can conquer, or colonise. A mid way point between RoN and AoE, the big stompy robots make a welcome comeback.

Haegemonia Gold Edition

Archonsod's rating:

Archonsod says: A precursor to Sins of a Solar Empire, it was the first to try and bring the grand strategy of Master of Orion to an RTS. In depth planetary and system development combined with Homeworld like space combat. And it still looks lovely.

Seven Kingdoms 2

Archonsod's rating:

Archonsod says: A wonderful asymmetric game pitting human nations, who play most like a standard RTS albeit with a heavy economic/city management focus, against demons, who simply conquer and spawn. Slightly reminiscent of Kohan.

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