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Masterful FPS Games

GOGmix by isaccgrafta's avatarisaccgrafta 2votes

Deus Ex™ GOTY Edition

isaccgrafta's rating:

isaccgrafta says: What can be said about this game that hasn't already? It perfectly combines elements of the RPG genre with a flawless combat/stealth system. These things combined with great story telling and an excellent sound track make an unforgettable experience.

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition

isaccgrafta's rating:

isaccgrafta says: This game has more going for it than just babes and cheesy one- liners. Duke has interesting environments to explore, decent visuals and enough interactivity to occupy you for countless hours. Over the top action doesn't hurt either.

Unreal Tournament GOTY

isaccgrafta's rating:

isaccgrafta says: UT is the perfect online shooter. Fast, competitive, and addicting; UT is perfect for anyone with an interest in shooters.

Blood: One Unit Whole Blood

isaccgrafta's rating:

isaccgrafta says: Blood is for the Duke fan who wants something darker and infinitely more morbid. I mean really, this game is an admitted Duke clone: and a good one at that.

Wing Commander™ 4: The Price of Fre...

isaccgrafta's rating:

isaccgrafta says: This game has some of the greatest story- telling elements I've seen in a game. Every cut- scene in the game is FMV and it actually works for once. To fully appreciate this game you really should play Wing Commander 1- 3, but it's not needed for a good ti

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