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Learn how to sell your own mother in four easy steps.

GOGmix by Titanium's avatarTitanium 116votes

Capitalism Plus

Titanium's rating:

Titanium says: The game that coined the phrase "capitalism". Well, not really, but it sure feels like it. An empire of money making to build, cheap labour to exploit, and monopolising anywhere you hear a penny drop. Just remember to pay your taxes (hahaha*snicker*)


Capitalism 2

Titanium's rating:

Titanium says: Well, I completely maxed out my previous Capitalism game review text space, so I cant just copy/paste everything here and add "Now back for more money in part two". Just pretend I did, OK? Added sound clip :*cha-chinggg*


Patrician 3

Titanium's rating:

Titanium says: Patrician 3 is by far the best trading game there is, with great graphic (can you believe it, not 3D) and a superb game mechanics. You buy low and you sell high, all the while evading (or fighting) pirates and your local banker. And also the priest.


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