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JudasIscariot's Very Subjective List of Great Games.

GOGmix by JudasIscariot's avatarJudasIscariot 6votes

Die By The Sword + Limb For Limb

JudasIscariot's rating:

JudasIscariot says: If you like sword fighting and cussing barbarians (with the Cuss Pack) then look no further. This game features a control scheme that allows you finer control over your sword movements instead of the generic slash-at-it-until-it-dies. Great fun.

Jagged Alliance 2

JudasIscariot's rating:

JudasIscariot says: The finest turn-based tactical combat game ever made. Do not bother with cheap imitations or games claiming to be similiar to JA2. Once you're done with the vanilla campaign give v1.13 a try...

Master of Magic

JudasIscariot's rating:

JudasIscariot says: One of Microprose's finest. Turn-based strategy game where you play a wizard hellbent on casting the Spell of Mastery. Fling fireballs at your enemies! Enslave other species and then use them to fight your battles for you!

Master of Orion 1+2

JudasIscariot's rating: not rated yet

JudasIscariot says: More proof that Microrprose had the Midas touch when it came to creating great 4X games. Everything good about Master of Magic is found here but in Space!

Arx Fatalis

JudasIscariot's rating:

JudasIscariot says: The spiritual successor to the Ultima Underworld series. Features a magic system where you draw various runes using the mouse. Very beautiful environments and an aural track that fits the game's cavernous environs. Do not pass this one by.


JudasIscariot's rating: not rated yet

JudasIscariot says: The first game in the Gothic series that introduces realistic animal enemies that will only attack if you come too close unlike other games where animals flock from the other side of the world to kill you.

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