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I Did It My Way 1

GOGmix by Navagon's avatarNavagon 9votes

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obs...

Navagon's rating: not rated yet

Navagon says: After the Fallouts and the fall out there was Arcanum. It allowed a certain amount of choice but not as much as Fallout did.

Commandos 2+3

Navagon's rating:

Navagon says: Commandos 2 was a massive step forward from its predecessor, offering a lot more options and control. Enabling you to approach your objectives in the manner of your choosing.

Imperial Glory

Navagon's rating:

Navagon says: A totally open wargame where you dictate the path you carve during your reign of terror and exactly how you're going to carve it.

Tropico Reloaded

Navagon's rating:

Navagon says: Rule your own island however you see fit. Well, until you're overthrown in a violent revolution, that is.

Earth 2150 Trilogy

Navagon's rating:

Navagon says: A game that, if you're really good, you can finish long before the final set of levels. No other game has a set of mechanics so beautifully intertwined with the plot.

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