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Herebellama's List of Pretty Good Games

GOGmix by Herebellama's avatarHerebellama 2votes

Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Ody...

Herebellama's rating:

Herebellama says: Out of all the games this is the one that sums up my childhood the most. A uniquely styled, humourous adventure which takes you to many large differnt locations including two planets and a moon. Memorable characters too. Greatly underappreciated.

Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings, The

Herebellama's rating:

Herebellama says: Not an old game by any means, but it deserves a place on my list. Gripping, beautiful, gameplay that needs thought, and a world created by the mature storyline that is more believable than any other fantasy RPG I've seen. Everything I want in a game.

Witcher: Enhanced Edition, The

Herebellama's rating:

Herebellama says: This lost a star due to combat mechanics, everything else is near perfect. Can have corny dialouge at times (before sex) but that only makes me laugh so I don't see it as entirely bad. I haven't completed this yet but what I have played I enjoy.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill...

Herebellama's rating: not rated yet

Herebellama says: The only game I've ever got my mum to play. This is the game I think of when somebody mentions Rollercoaster Tycoon. Being the young age I was though I did cheat. Would love to grab this game again and play it seriously. I remember many hours sunk.

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