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Goodest Old (adventure) Games

GOGmix by grainne6's avatargrainne6 4votes

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred...

grainne6's rating:

grainne6 says: Great story, great voice acting and it contains the Le Serpent Rouge puzzle which is the best puzzle ever in my opinion. I would also recommend Gabriel Knight 1 + 2 which are both excellent though 3 will always be my favourite.

Longest Journey, The

grainne6's rating:

grainne6 says: The Longest Journey has a great story and great acting and dialogue. But the puzzles are largely illogical and there is too much pixel hunting; however, it's still one of my all-time favourites. A must for any adventure game lover.

Still Life

grainne6's rating:

grainne6 says: Great detective story, fun and challenging puzzles and excellent voice acting. The ending was a little disapointing though.


grainne6's rating:

grainne6 says: Surreal and excellent story, amazing graphics and really creepy atmosphere. The puzzles are mainly enjoyable with a little too much pixel hunting but overall unmissable.

Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive

grainne6's rating:

grainne6 says: One of the very few great FMV games. Interesting story, mostly logical and fun puzzles and great acting. The other two FMV Tex games are also well worth playing thought neither are quite as good.

Dark Fall: The Journal

grainne6's rating:

grainne6 says: Wonderful creepy game with some fun puzzles but sadly it's too easy for my taste but there are some really scary moments and overall its a short but enjoyable game.

Feeble Files, The

grainne6's rating:

grainne6 says: Great story with superb voice acting - I love Robert Llewellyn who voices the lead character. However the lack of any logic to many of the puzzles made it too frustrating for me to play without a walkthrough.

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