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Gears of GOG - Steampunk mix

GOGmix by GOGcomTesters's avatarGOGcomTesters 146votes

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obs...

GOGcomTesters's rating:

GOGcomTesters says: To us, Arcanum is one of the most underrated RPGs ever. Sure, it had some technical flaws and the mechanics are a little confusing but if you manage to see past that, then it's a game that's a match for Fallout 2, and that is really something!

Myst: Masterpiece Edition

GOGcomTesters's rating:

GOGcomTesters says: All these steam and clockwork-based mechanisms in Myst and Riven will make you feel like you're in Steampunk heaven. This series lets you explore various worlds, each with a different "feel" to it. Make sure you check out the sequels, too!


GOGcomTesters's rating:

GOGcomTesters says: There are so many clockwork and steam-powered mechanisms in this game that it is actually a funfest for all Steampunk lovers out there. The protagonist travels in a clockwork train with a clockwork automaton, what more could you possibly want?


GOGcomTesters's rating:

GOGcomTesters says: An action-adventure game with strong ties to the hack'n'slash genre. A dark, gothic atmosphere is mixed with high fantasy magic and Steampunk technology. To top it off, its compelling storyline can be played from both perspective - Light and Dark.

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