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Games to get lost in...

GOGmix by jetiste's avatarjetiste 3votes

Planescape: Torment

jetiste's rating:

jetiste says: Sit down and prepare to immerse yourself in a world you will never have experienced before. Who knew confusion, horror and strangeness could be so compelling!

Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga

jetiste's rating:

jetiste says: Honest to goodness adventure. Love and hate the characters and get swept away in a simple yet well crafted story. Miles ahead of its time and lovingly made, there is no reason not to play this once or over and over again.

Might and Magic® 6-pack: Limited Edi...

jetiste's rating:

jetiste says: Yes its quirky, but once you get over some of the clunky interface and really see all the things to do, you will be hiking it all over the game and cringing each time one of your team takes a hit. Don't forget to get a game of Arcomage in!

Heroes of Might and Magic® 2: Gold

jetiste's rating:

jetiste says: Not your average adventure game, but thinking outside the box is when things get really exciting. Try to be at least 3 turns ahead of your opponent all while sucking up all the sparkly goodies on the map.

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