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Games that will guarantee you to crawl in dungeons

GOGmix by boolzi's avatarboolzi 17votes

Might and Magic® 7: For Blood and Ho...

boolzi's rating:

boolzi says: My Might and Magic all time favourite, the world is a vast exotic place filled with dungeons and creatures. The character portraits are so believable with their random emotions and conditions that it can suck you in the world of erathia for weeks!

Might and Magic® 6-pack: Limited Edi...

boolzi's rating:

boolzi says: RPG's at it's finest, loads of spells and quests, huge worlds to explore and dungeons to crawl too I have spend hours on these games and still do. the replayability i near infinite with all class/race combinations in a party and multiple endings.

Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga

boolzi's rating:

boolzi says: I think there's enough praise everywhere to tell you you have to buy this game.


boolzi's rating:

boolzi says: absolutely amazing game, I never played it before and got warned that it only was for nostalgic people, but even though it's 2010 I LOVE this game, it's surprisingly deep and has an awesome combat system flinging poo at throggs never gets old!

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